From MothCraft

Players start on a layer of sand and every block that they step on disappears. If a player falls through a hole, he will continue to run on the layer below. When a player falls through the final layer he loses the game. The last player wins the game.



  • /tr list - list the TNTRun arenas
  • /tr list {arena} - list the arena configuration
  • /tr join {arena} - join arena, needs tntrun.join permission (default)
  • /tr leave - leave the current TNTRun arena
  • /tr vote - vote for the TNTRun arena start
  • /tr lobby - teleport to the TNTRun lobby
  • /tr stats - displays your TNTRun record
  • /tr leaderboard {size} - displays the TNTRun leaderboard
  • /tr listkit - list the TNTRun kits
  • /tr listkit {kit} - list the kit configuration
  • /tr info - information about this plugin
  • /tr help - lists all the /tr commands