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You can get rewards from promoting our server by being a streamer, OR from subscribing to streamers that help us out!


using the /twitch command will give you a clickable text to a link that will check if you've subscribed to any of our twitch streamers and get rewards in-game for doing so! [streamers must ask an admin to be put on the list, its not automatic like youtube is.]

Twitch List:


the /youtube command will allow someone to link their youtube account to the game and get promoted as a youtuber. to link your youtube account, issue the command and then it will take you through the steps to placing a code on your youtube's channel page that will show you own the account [you can remove the code right after, so no harm done]. using the command will tell you the minimum number of views and subscribers you need to be able to claim youtuber status in the sever.

YouTube List:

  • None, yet!