From MothCraft
  • Adds Auto Crafting Tables, which take ingredients from a container above the block and output the 'result' in a container below it.
  • Adds Block Breakers, which can attempt to break break the block in front of it using the tool placed inside it.
  • Adds Block Placers, which can place blocks.
  • Added 'Decrafting', which converts full blocks back to their individual components. Currently applies to netherwarts, clay, glowstone, and quartz.
  • Adds Dynamic Lighting, which creates a light source at the player's location when holding a block that adds light.
  • Adds "Rotten Leather", which creates a way to turn rotten flesh into leather. (By default, a 4:1 ratio for rotten leather is needed to craft regular leather, so that it does not massively impact any economy server)