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Rank up by using the /rank command or the rank button in the main menu item. For "Helper" ranks you must ask staff members or use the /mail command to mail Miss_Moth a request in-game. For Staff member status, you must fill out the Application for Staff.


  • New - New Players who have just joined the server! All default permissions. You start here.
  • Member - A Player who is making their way in the server. can set 5 homes and up to 10 farms.
  • Regular - A Player who has played for a while. can set 10 homes and can launch themselves with /cmi launch
  • Veteran - A very well respected player! can set 20 homes and 20 farms!
  • VIP - A very well respected player, has played longer than anyone else! Is entitled to all in-game store discounts. can add color in name with /nickname. also has slight money and EXP boosts.


  • Helper - A player who isn't a staff but is dedicated to helping other players! Any player wishing to be a staff member must be a helper first.
  • Tester - Beta testers for new features introduced to the server. Allows for showing permissions and such for testing.
  • Promoter - A Promoter of our server on websites and other places.
  • Donator - &lSpecial donator rank. &f- Has special permissions.
  • LiveStreamer - A Player who films tutorials and playing videos and promotes this server. - Has special permissions.
  • Developer - Isn't staff but helps us out with coding and fixing our servers when we need it!


  • Mod – We choose players to be moderators to help control our chat and also to assist new players. If you have an issue with a moderator kicking you for swearing in chat, keep in mind they are doing as we ask.
  • Builder – These staff members are the creators of the server hub and other "public places" that you see on the server!
  • Admin – These staff members are the behind the curtain of setting up MothCraft for you to play!
  • Curator – Curators are basically the overall system admin and manager of the server while the Owners are away. Toniduss and AviaMoth.
  • Owner – This is Moth and Oatcake, Co-Owners of the server.