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HeadsPlus is a unique plugin that adds more to a server than just heads. But what exactly? Here are some examples:

  • A head command (of course ;) - only in some cases, it loads head textures quicker*)
  • Head blacklist to avoid heads either being spammed in or inappropriate ones that need to stop being used.
  • Entities dropping their heads when they die - not to mention the chances and the head are completely configurable!
  • Shapeless recipes that can create heads, which can too be edited - and if you like, disabled.**
  • Most of the messages in the plugin are completely configurable!
  • Sellable heads (requires Vault to work)
  • Complete heads selector
  • Leaderboards for competing against other players!
  • Themes for the help menu!
  • Challenges with gainable XP, rewards, and all sorts of excitement!
  • Despite having a native version of 1.13, it supports backwards compatibility of up to 1.8.x - probably the scariest thing I've achieved so far in development.
  • Much more - this is just the beginning after all!


  • /head <IGN> - Spawns in a head of the specified player (headsplus.head)
  • /sellhead - Sells the head(s) in your hand (headsplus.sellhead)
  • /hp - Main HeadsPlus command, which displays the help menu (headsplus.maincommand)
  • /heads - Displays a selection of heads (headsplus.heads)
  • /myhead - Retrieves your own head (headsplus.myhead)
  • /hplb [Total|Entity|Page #] [Page #] - Displays the leaderboards (headsplus.display.leaderboards)
  • /hpc - Displays challenges.