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Accessed from the main menu, "Gadgets" are basically cosmetic items as seen in most professional servers such as this.

In the menu, accessed from the main menu item.
You can reset everything you have on if you dont want it on anymore.

Want to make your own thing?

If you make something and submit it to the server, we'll install it and give it to you!


  • 148+ Hats
  • 4+ Animated Hats
  • 21+ Particles
  • 15+ Suits
  • 45+ Gadgets
  • 130+ Pets
  • 14+ Morphs
  • 12+ Banners
  • 17+ Emotes
  • 9+ Cloaks


  • /gmysteryboxes check [player]

Check player's mystery boxes amount.

  • /gadgetsmenu namepet <name>

Name your pet.

  • /gadgetsmenu main

Bring up Main Menu.

  • /gadgetsmenu menu <menu> [page]

Bring up specified menu. Menus: Main, Hats, Particles, Suits, Gadgets, Pets, Morphs, Banners, Emotes, Cloaks

  • /gadgetsmenu equip <cosmetic> <type> [player]

Cosmetics: Hat, Animated_Hat, Particle, Suit, SuitHelmet, SuitChestplate, SuitLeggings, SuitBoots, Gadget, Pet, Morph, Banner, Emote, Cloak Equip the cosmetic specified for the player.