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This plugin allows you to 1v1 duel with your friend or enemy. It also allows you to wager money on who wins.. and also allows you to fight using different kits. You can suggest kits to be made too by talking to an Admin.


  • /duel - Main Command (or use /1v1)


  • /duel [username] - Duel a specific player
  • /duel [username] [money] - Duel a specfic player with a money wager.
  • /duel accept [username] - Accept a duel request from someone
  • /duel deny [username] - Deny a duel request from someone.
  • /duel queue - Queue up for random 1v1 dueling.
  • /duel queue [kit] [bet] - Queue up for random 1v1 dueling with a specific kit and wager.
  • /duel toggle - Toggles automatic accept of duels.


  • /duel stats - See your stats
  • /duel stats [username] - See someone else's stats
  • /duel top [wins|losses|kitname] - Leaderboards


  • /spectate - Random Spectation
  • /spectate [username] - Spectate a specific Player