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This plugin is made to be all in one plugin for server management and replace Essentials/EssentialsX. It offers more features than you expect and provides most needed tools for creating your own unique server with new game mechanics. Features ranging from basic ones, like heal, to most advanced ones, like kit editors ingame, item finder across all possible containers, portal systems, self updating signs on so on.

Scrolling your mousewheel while placing a painting will change it.
If you die and have a totem in your inventory, it will automatically save you. you do not have to have it in your hand when dying.


  • Can open a shulker without placing it with shift+rightclick
  • Keep EXP on death
  • Can use /back to go to death location
  • Can show AFK players
  • Automatically respawns you
  • Automatically uses totem from inventory
  • Allows you to scroll to change paintings
  • Elevator Signs
  • chat colors and nickname colors [nickname colors are for Donators and VIP]


  • /afk - Makes you go AFK instead of waiting 5 minutes to automatically go AFK
  • /back - teleports you to the last place you teleported from
  • /balance - checks your balance
  • /bal - alias for /balance
  • /baltop - shows the scoreboard of players with the most mothbux
  • /cheque - gives you a physical cheque for physically giving players mothbux
  • /helpop - Tells an online staff member that you need help
  • /home - teleports you home
  • /homes - shows you your homes if you've used /sethome to make multiple homes.
  • /ignore - blocks someone from PMing you.
  • /ignorelist - shows list of ignored/blocked players
  • /info - gives info on a player
  • /whois - gives info on a player
  • /kit - lists kits you can buy with xp or mothbux
  • /lastonline - shows when a player was last online, same as /seen
  • /list - lists online players
  • /mail - sends mail to offline players!
  • /me - does a role-play post
  • /money - shows you your balance. same as /balence and /bal
  • /msg - private messages another player
  • /msgtoggle - toggles if you want to accept private messages or not.
  • /near - shows players near you
  • /nick - change your nick [you can use colors]
  • /pay - pay a player money, use /cheque if you want a physical item.
  • /paytoggle - toggles if you want to allow players to pay you or not.
  • /ping - allows you to see your ping to the server
  • /playtime - shows you how long you've been playing [some ranks are based on playtime]
  • /playtimetop - shows top players who've been on the server the longest
  • /pos - shows your current coordinates
  • /rankinfo - shows rank info, challenges you need to complete to rank up
  • /ranklist - shows the list of challenge ranks.
  • /realname - shows a player's real username if they have a nickname
  • /recipe - shows you how to make a certain item
  • /removehome - allows you to delete your home, if you've made multiple.
  • /delhome - same as /removehome
  • /reply - allows you to reply to a private message without typing out the players name
  • /r - same as above, but shorter
  • /seen - same as /lastonline
  • /sell - allows you to sell an item from your inventory to the server. warp to "stocks" location for a list of all current worth prices of items.
  • /sethome - will allow you to set your home AND multiple homes.
  • /skin - allows you to set your skin
  • /tpa - allows you to request a teleport from another player
  • /tpaccept - accepts the players request to teleport
  • /tpahere - allows you to request to teleport another player to you
  • /tpdeny - denies a teleport attempt from another player
  • /vanish - allows donators and youtubers to vanish.
  • /v - same as above
  • /votes - shows how many vote points you have.
  • /votetop - a scoreboard of top voters on the server
  • /warp - shows a list of warp places
  • /whowas - same as /lastseen
  • /worth - shows worth of mothbux of an item you're holding.