How to join the M.O.T.H. Net XMPP/Jabber Server

This is an instant messaging platform designed to be the base of social networking sites like facebook and for the chats to the side of videos and streams for youtube and twitch. Our instance of the server aims to provide chats to furry radio streams and generally help out with providing a backend to many furry services in need of chatrooms or communications on their website.

To join our XMPP chat server you may create an account with the format of and join our chatroom.

If you have never made an account for XMPP before… its quite simple. First, download something like Pidgin for windows and linux or Adium if you’re using mac. After that, go to XMPP or “Jabber” accounts and create one. type your name as this can be anything like then check or click “create new account on this server.” after that you are logged in. Thats your account and now you can chat with others in our chatroom at pidgin and adium should include a “server explorer” under XMPP/Jabber to help you join chatrooms. You’ll find this is the main one.