This is a yiff xyz list of Adult Themed Chatrooms within M.O.T.H. Networks. By accessing this page, you have agreed that you are 18 years of age or older. Accessing these chats with any other means also means you agree that you are of age and can legally view NSFW or adult materials. We are very strict about age-verification. Any minors found in the groups will be immediately banned.

MothNet is here to provide yiff xyz furry chat servers for adult furries who want to have fun online in a safe environment. We don’t allow drama and our groups aren’t all that big, so perfect if you’re looking for a smaller to medium sized group that can become “closer” than large groups.

The Yiff Vault
Moff’s Yiff Vault 18+ NSFW is located here: [contact @mothgirlmusic if you’d like to advirtize as an artist or something]