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MothNet Furry Art Venue


Normal Chats

  • Moff’s VIP Lounge: General chat for all M.O.T.H. Net stuff
  • Gamer Furs: General chat for all things video games, boardgames, and just games!
  • Music Furs: An awesome group for friends and furs to gather and chat about music. People just getting started with music, and those that have been doing it for years are all welcome! If you need help or tips, just ask, if you want to share what you’ve done, go ahead!
  • Transgender Furry Support Group: This is a well-upkept chatroom for advice, info, questions, and just and all-around chat for transfurs and their allies! Everyone is free to join. We celebrate both Transfurs and allies! 
  • Tech Furs: For those that are tech savvy and what to chat about tech stuff from work or even just as a hobby, i love chatting about tech stuff learned from school or even neat crypto stuff from math classes
  • Minecraft Chat: We have our own minecraft servers and stuff. If you like the game or minigames and pvp stuff, please join us!
  • Tabletop Gaming Furs: Tabletop games are awesome and loads of furs love them! Join in and lets play something together! We use Tabletop sim and its free version Tabletopia… both are on steam!
  • PhotographFurs Photography Group! –
  • Motor Furs: A place for automotive and motor enthusiasts to chat about cars and bikes and more! –

Foreign Language Chats



Adult 18+ NSFW Chatrooms


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