If you do not agree with any of these, please stop using any products, servers, or chats under ownership or produced by M.O.T.H. Networks.


If you have an issue, please contact an admin. A list of our admin can be found at https://mothnet.xyz/about-us

  1. Media posts are to be kept to a set of 5 images/videos/stickers over two minutes per user. Exceptions can be made, if an admin has approved of it. Conversational Spam is more ambiguous, but rapid subsequent posts or posts of large spamming text with no real point is subject to be removed.
  2. If an active conversation is taking place, large dumps of images should not be made without prior warning. We like conversation. Conversation is healthy, otherwise we might as well just be a channel and Alpha has that one covered for us. Disrupting a healthy conversation is detrimental to the group and shouldn’t be tolerated.
  3. Being rude without being funny. You don’t have to stay family-friendly or politically correct when just chatting normally or making jokes, but if you’re sincerely rude you’ll be asked to leave and cool off.
  4. Posting NSFW and SFW links and media in rooms marked as NSFW is fine. However, posting NSFW material in a room not marked as NSFW or 18+ or “Lewd” is against the rules. Period. SFW media is fine everywhere as long as its for the most part “on topic”.
  5. Even so, when posting NSFW material, use this as a guide of what is ok and not ok to post or discuss: https://www.f-list.net/c/mothnet
  6. At no point should any user be kink shamed. We do NOT define shaming as quick reactions (ew) or speaking about preferences. However, we do reserve the right to remove a reactionary message if we feel it may negatively affect a user. If a user is clearly harassing a user for a kink, they will be warned.
  7. Using leetspeak/txtspeak is also unwanted. it’s fine to abbreviate some words, but not every single one: “how r u” and teh liek. ur mbrysng urslf n evry 1 arnd u.
  8. It’s fine to use a few words of a different language other than the main one for the groups, but russian groups should be written to in russian, likewise for other language groups.. And anything without a set language, assume that the main language is english. However, any questions in english asked about the language of the group [for educational purposes] are completely fine! Learning is awesome!
  9. Being abusive to others is not acceptable. In reality, some Moderators and Admin care about this more than others; it is in your own interest (in addition to the interest of those around you) to behave as if whichever Moderator or Admin is present will care a great deal.
  10. Listen to yourself. http://xkcd.com/481/ … seriously.
  11. Statements which are completely hurtful and have no other value. Offensive jokes are fine; being genuinely offensive is not. This covers all -isms and almost never comes up.
  12. CAPS LOCK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. HOLDING DOWN THE SHIFT KEY IS EVEN WORSE. Shouting does not help prove your point; it only makes you really annoying.
  13. Do not be a dick. Treat others as you would want to be treated, and remember that we are trying to build a safe, fun place for hanging out and discussing whatever the topic of said group is.
  14. Spamming links or pestering members of the chat brings down the channel as a whole and creates unnecessary tension and possible drama.
  15. Do not lie to staff. If you are applying to be part of the staff, this instantly red-flags you. You only have yourself to blame for that.
  16. Don’t be a Gnat or a Domi-gnat, as defined in Section 3. They’re annoying and no one will respond to you other than to tell you off.
  17. Any ethical concerns or personal drama that cannot be resolved in Private Messages, please take it to a staff, or Moderator or Admin. not the group. Posting drama in the group [as defined in section 3] is an instant warning/nudge, depending on how disruptive it is [this is at the moderator’s discretion].
  18. Racism, Anti-LGBTQ, Bigotry, Discrimination, & Hate Speech are NOT allowed in any capacity in any chatroom, game, or service we provide. period.
  1. If you are entering a NSFW, Lewd, or otherwise marked 18+ chatroom/game/service, you are 18, which is the standard legal age of many countries. These chatrooms will be marked NSFW or 18+. If you’re unsure, ask an administrator associated with whatever chatroom/game/service you’re trying to join/play/use. In most countries, the law for disseminating explicit materials to a minor has a maximum cutoff age of 18. As a result, the age of 18 has been chosen as a bar for entry in order to provide maximum insurance from accidental lawbreaking by the users. There are no exceptions and we reserve every right to ban you without question if found to b in violation of this restriction. If you aren’t 18+ and you don’t like it, become more active in politics and change it.
  2. If entering a chatroom for hypnotic media, make sure that hypnotic media is legal in the area/country you currently reside in, if the group you are wishing to join clearly states it is a hypnosis/mind control fetish group. For example: Possession of recorded hypnosis sessions is illegal in the state of California, USA.
  3. If entering a chatroom, service, or game and you find the materials or a focus on such materials would be offensive to you, this is simply not the place for you to be.
  4. We hold no liability to anything that happens if you decide to listen to our files. We will try to help, but if you listen to something and complain about having something done against your will, you are trolling. All hypnosis is is “guided meditation.” What happens to you under the influence of hypnosis is ONLY what you want to have happen. The effects of hypnosis is what you personally will them to be. If you don’t like something, it simply will not happen.
  5. Do not advertise other networks Discord servers, Telegram Chat Rooms, etc. Do not self promote or  promote others (For financial profit or otherwise), UNLESS YOU ASK AN Moderator or Admin FIRST. They must clear you to do so within telegram, or if on Discord, you must message a staff member to be a “partner” to have your server posted. Naming other networks/channels/chats is totally fine if they happen to come up, but it’s obvious when you’re just name dropping to try and draw traffic. And please remember to ask a mod before posting the actual link to the chat room, artwork sale/auction being named.
  6. Do not post hyperlinks to illegal things such as pirated media/warez and illegal substances.
  7. Do not discuss illegal activity such as pirating media/wares and/or illegal substances.
  8. All users are expected to abide by the laws of the United States of America as well as their own local laws. When a conflict exists, United States laws take precedence.
  9. Don’t be overly thirsty [ defined in section 3: Definitions] and super creepy [i.e. behaving in such a way that makes others uncomfortable due to its inherent sexual nature]. This Awkward for everyone. If you’re unsure if something is “creepy” or not, ask an Moderator or Admin or just stop.
  10. Respect other users and the civil nature of the chat. Inflammatory topics are advised against [includes but not limited to politics and religion], and may be called to an end at an admin’s discretion to prevent/stop drama.
  11. The rules for group conduct apply to private messages between members from Order-owned groups as well. If a user does not wish to be contacted via PM’s, respect their wishes. Any users in violation of this rule should be reported to an admin immediately, with screenshots to support any claims made. Any issues between users in the group must be handled in private messages. If issues exist outside of the group, do not bring them up or continue them.
  12. https://xkcd.com/1357/ it is a privilege, not a right, to be here. We reserve the right to deny anyone and everyone access to our network/groups/channels for any reason, however, we hold it to ourselves to be just and transparent about it.
  13. You understand that the staff and/or Moth herself reserves the right to define all previously undefined terms within the ToS. If there is any question about anything, period. Ask “Miss Moth#2047” [Discord] to give the final decision.
  14. Do not evade bans. this not only gets you insta-banned again, it also is against telegram/discord/most other services’ rules.
  15. Do not spam commands to any bots within any channel, group, or chat. Do not spam commands to people either. [i.e. typing something with “/” in telegram to have others tap it and it create spam]
  16. Do not block admins for moderating you. Blocking anyone, including admin, is fine, unless you do it because of moderation. If they can’t ask you to stop something, they are authorized to just kick you to make you stop. We will attempt to have another moderator speak with you, but if you block them also, that is grounds for an instant ban. Bypassing a “warn” gets you straight to being kicked or banned. [For more about this, see Section 4: Chat Service Blocking Feature]
  17. Do not start a political or religious debate except within the designated chat to do so. Opinions are fine, but by talking about it, you’re knowingly starting a flame-war. (Politics and all that is defined in Section Three:Definitions). The chat to do so, within Telegram, is https://t.me/moffslounge.
  18. Deliberate image sniping, if observed, will earn a user a warning. Accidental image sniping is worth letting a user know, but without an active punishment. Sniping is defined in section 3.
  19. Outright rude comments, ad hominem attacks, and flaming are not allowed
  20. Harassing a user RP in PM or soliciting/harassing a user in PM will not be tolerated. This includes PMs for nudes, PMs when it clearly says in the users name or bio “no PMs” or “no DMs.” [we will look at time of bio editing, and deleted chat history for proof.]
  21. Mild roleplay is tolerated, but if a full scene breaks out, the users should be asked to take it to PMs
  22. Complaining about previous relationships, especially in a way that is demeaning to the previous partner, is not allowed and is also both rude and unwanted. If you’re looking for someone else to be with, try our Single and Furry chatrooms on discord [NSFW area] and in telegram
  1. Drama: Knowingly and willingly upsetting other users out of spite or other negative emotions, passive aggressively or otherwise.
  2. Politics:
    1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.
    2. Debates on gender identity, offencive topics, or otherwise, that KNOWINGLY start flamewars. (sharing an opinion is fine, starting a flamewar is not.)
  3.  Pestering: doing things such as spamming private messages, creating unwanted private messages, and generally annoying the community as a whole by doing things such as begging in main chat or begging in private messages. (If we need to define any further terms, we will when it comes up.)
  4. a flame war is a series of flame posts or messages in a thread that are considered derogatory in nature or are completely off-topic. Often these flames are posted for the sole purpose of offending or upsetting other users.
  5. Gnats and Domi-gnats: people who join channels and instantly message people in the group looking for a roleplay or hypnosis session, then rage quitting when they don’t get what they want in less than 2 minutes or so. Gnats are annoying in real life. Don’t be one online. The only difference between the gnats and domi-gnats is gnats refer to submissives, and domi-gnats refer to dominants.
  6. Thirsty: Trying way to hard [as defined at will by admin] to get sex or some kind of sexual action. “Hitting on” someone who doesn’t want to be hit on and not stopping or being super annoying with it [as determined by the “victim” in this situation]. Thirsty can also refer to those seeking attention of any type way too hard by posting “bait” literally only to get attention, good or bad.
  7. Bait: Content posted that knowingly starts flamewars or triggers people on purpose.
  8. Sniping: When you post something before someone else’s post has had time to sink in, specifically referring to nudes and selfies. It’s not cool to take attention away from other users. Wait your turn, we all want to celebrate everyone and no one user is above the other. Should there be any suspicion of image sniping, please submit proof to an admin. They will present it to the admin team, who will then pass judgement. No admin, especially one who is involved, will be permitted to make this decision on their own.
  9. NSFW: We define NSFW as sexually explicit or of an overtly sexual nature. It litterally means “not safe for work” unlike its counter-part “safe for work” or “SFW” meaning its not explicit and would probably be “family-friendly”

Strike System:

      The moderators maintain a Trello, detailing each user that has caught an admin’s eye. Every infraction is documented within this board with screenshots as proof. There are 4 statuses that a user can be placed on within the Trello system. From minor to major, they are as follows: BOLO, Nudge, Warning, and Ban.

        It should be noted that just because you have been moderated, it doesn’t mean you will earn one of the following, especially if we feel the incident wasn’t out of malice or was an honest mistake.

        A Be On the LookOut will be granted to any user that we feel uneasy or wary about for any number of reasons. It has no actual bearing on any other status level, but provides a way of presenting information that may warrant caution.

        A Nudge is when we feel a user has broken a rule in a minor way and needs to be “nudged” in the right direction. 3 Nudges will earn a user a Warning

        A Warning is a standard warning for when a user has blatantly broken a rule and needs to be moderated. 3 warnings will earn you a ban.

        A Ban is when a user is removed from the group for a period of time. After accumulating your first ban, you will be removed from the group for a period of no less than 24 hours. Once permitted back in, any additional warning will immediately earn you another ban. A second ban will be of no less than one week. A third ban is permanent.

        A user may appeal their moderation via PM if they feel that they were unfairly moderated. Once a complaint has been registered, each admin will vote on the issue. If a user’s appeal is successful through a majority vote, then the user’s Trello record will be modified accordingly.

        A user will be given an alert regarding their status via a message in the main chat that states they have been moderated, and will be instructed to PM an admin for details. This process is due to the “Report Spam” feature being abused by trolls. Originally, we were happy with providing completely confidential moderation. Depending on later changes in Telegram’s policies, we may once again resume PMing moderation actions. The users are to be alerted should this change.


Chat Service Blocking Feature:

      Any user may block any admin, or vice versa for any reason without punishment, with one exception: if a user blocks an admin for moderating them (the timing of the block will be used as evidence), then that user will be given a warning by another admin. Should the user block that admin, they will be permanently banned from the group. If the user agrees within 24 hours to undo the blocking of either admin, their punishment will be removed from their status, but be recorded on their account. If the user was not already labeled with a Red-Flag tag, they will be at this time, if their reduction in status would mean removal from the board. The user must keep the admin unblocked for a good faith period of 1 week or the punishments will be re-added, this time without ability for appeal.

        We respect each user’s privacy and personal space, and understand that sometimes it is necessary to use the privacy features provided by Telegram itself. No user or admin is expected to remain block-free. However, blocking an admin for doing their job is a clear sign of noncompliance, and as such is a fair concern.

        If a user feels that an admin has treated them in such a way that would warrant the blocking of a standard user, they are encouraged to provide screenshots as proof of their claim. If an admin has been found to be out of line, then the user will be permitted to block the admin and the admin themselves will receive a status hit to their own Trello card.

All admins are expected to abide by all of the above in addition to the following:

        Keep an air of professionalism. By being a moderator in this group, your actions are a reflection of me being that I chose you to be an admin. There is no need to be rude or condescending to a user, even if they are being so themselves. Simply deliver their punishment for breaking the rules and leave it at that.

        If an argument breaks out in the group or a flame war starts, I expect every available admin to drop the conversation, direct people to PMs and delete additional messages. Any blatant show of noncompliance by a user is worth at least a nudge.

        If a debate is going, don’t be too preemptive in shutting it down. Healthy debate is healthy for a chat, but the moment ad hominem attacks or direct flame starts, then feel free to step in and shut it down.

If a user has a question about the rules that seems controversial DO NOT have that discussion in the chat. Direct the user to PMs.

If a user must be moderated, politely let them know by using their @ tag and the status of their card with an additional message to PM an admin for details. Additional information about the infraction may be requested only by the user who was moderated.

Any incident not recorded in the Trello, or any incidents recorded without screenshots didn’t happen. Simple as that. If we can’t prove something, then we can’t use it. This is mostly to prevent admin abuse. Make sure you get screenshots of the incidents, and log them accordingly.

Be understanding. Most people aren’t actively seeking to break the rules, and the ones that are make it painfully apparent. We have been a little militant in the chat at times. Be generous with nudges and soft with warnings, unless you really feel like a user is acting completely aberrantly. I don’t want trigger happy admins because that makes a nervous chatroom.

Admins should always be actively encouraging users to seek their help for any issue or concern.

If an admin is involved in an incident, they are to recuse themselves, as they would have personal feelings on the matter. This admin should not partake in the voting process so as to eliminate bias. This includes incidence such as being blocked for delivering moderation or when an admin’s moderation has been appealed.

If an admin feels too close to a user, they are also advised to recuse themselves. Voting should be looked at as an isolated incident of X did Y without personal feelings on the matter. Decisions should be evidence-based only.

Whenever an admin deletes anything from the group, it should be screenshotted in context, and placed on the user’s trello card. The user should be moved to the Red-Flag section. This will help up more accurately track problem user. If an admin feels the user has accumulated too many deletions, they may bring up giving the user a warning or nudge in the staff chat to be voted on by the admins.

        If an admin is found to be in violation of the user rules, their Trello card is to be updated with the incident. If an admin accumulates enough status hits to receive a ban, they will be removed from admin status alongside it. Admins should be on their best behavior. You are supposed to be the examples of the type of users we want in the group.