Note: Assets Mismatch Error
YOU ALSO NEED TO CHECK “Allow Assets Mismatch” IN YOUR OPTIONS, but only if you have an error joining that says something about assets.
Note: Non-steam versions
If you have the GOGs version or some other non-steam version, this was created on 04/11/2019 to replace the steam modpack.
  1. If you have mods of your own, create a new modpack and select all mods you have and add them to that new modpack. then unsubscribe to them all. If you don’t have any mods or if you’re sure none of your mods conflict with our pack, proceed to step two.
  2. Subscribe to: on steam and allow the new mods to download.
  3. Launch Starbound after the new mods are finished downloading.
  4. Check settings for “Allow Mismatches” and check the box.
  5. Click join and enter the server information “” and hit enter or click connect/join.

If stuff is generally weird or glitchy or you just can’t enter the server, you’re probably either not subscribed to this modpack list, or you have your own plugins installed too and its messing with the ones we have. what you need to do is create a modpack of all of your mods and then unsubscribe to everything.. then subscribe to our modpack. this allows you to keep your mods too, if you’d like to unsubscribe to our modpack and switch back to your own super easily! 


If the server is ever outdated when you try logging in, report that to staff immediately on our discord using the link up top of this page! or use the contact us page in social.


Note: we cannot help you if you insist on using your own mods on top of ours. if it doesn’t work, i’m sorry but somemods in the modpack just don’t work with other mods. if you want help, subscribe ONLY to our official modpack.

  • Be nice to other players.
  • Claim a planet by building something obvious at the landing site and putting a sign there telling people it’s claimed.
  • Don’t loot another player’s claimed planet. theres litterally a full galaxy for you.
  • Players can sell and trade items and weapons and other stuff. everyone is welcome.
  • You are allowed to use your old accounts on this server. Some players would rather use new accounts so please respect their wishes by leaving them alone.
  • Do not use cheats [we have an anti-cheat system]. this includes items or abilities, or otherwise. You will be banned. Expecially if the item is able to cause issues with the server.
  • If you have been banned, you are able to contact to repeal your ban.

Submit screenshots to to see them here on the website!

Issues? Contact Us!