• Server Name in List: [Furry] MothNet Community Rust Server
  • Public Server, Everyone welcome! No need to ask permissions to join!
  • Be sure to “Favorite” us in your server browser for quick joining!
  1. When in Rust, click play.
  2. Click community servers
  3. search our name “MothNet”
  4. our server should appear.
  5. you can click join!
  1. Boot up your rust install
  2. Press F1 to enter console
  3. Type “connect rust.mothnet.xyz:28015” without quotes.
  4. Press ENTER.
  5. Press F1 to make the console go away as you connect to our server.
  6. Welcome to MOTHNet’s Rust Server!

Notes about donations

You can help the server cover the costs of hosting by helping donate here for neat stuff in-game! http://mothnetrust.tebex.io

Send us pics so we can post them! support@mothnet.xyz