• Server Address: bedrock.mothnet.xyz
  • Server Port for MothCraft Bedrock to Java: 19132
  • Server Port for MothCraft Bedrock Standalone: 19133
  • Version: “Latest update” on Xbox, iOS, Android, and Windows 10.
  • Bedrock Standalone: Factions, Residence, Skyblock, and Essentials
  • Rules:https://wiki.mothnet.xyz/index.php?title=Rules

NOTE: You can use the standard 19132 port to sign into our Java server FROM YOUR BEDROCK CLIENT. [though it is very buggy.]

  1. Open app/game on console or mobile phone that supports Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
  2. Tap/Click “Play.”
  3. Tap/Click “Servers.”
  4. Tap/Click “Add Server.”
  5. Set “Server Name” to “MothCraft”
  6. Set “Server Address” to “bedrock.mothnet.xyz”
  7. If you’d like to play on our main server, leave the port as is. If you want to play on our standalone bedrock server, change the port to 19133
  8. Tap/Click “Play.”
  9. Any time you want to login after that, follow steps 1-3 then scroll down and tap/click “MothCraft”
If joining doesn’t work, its possible that you are using “Beta” version and would need to follow the precedure to opt out of beta. Joining servers only works on normal version.
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