Our furry discord server can be found at https://discord.mothnet.xyz/

The M.O.T.H. Net Server is a Discord server dedicated to furries, fun, and games. We try to cultivate friendships, passions, and help fellow furs out. We have a lot of chatrooms for various interests from art and memes, to various video games and consoles. If you want to create a room for your interest and you think there might be a lot of others who share the same passion, bring it up to a staff member and we’ll add your channel to our furry discord server! We even have a few channels for various languages people speak and/or are learning! Don’t be shy to join them by getting the correct role in the #roles channel! Everyone is welcome. Even if you need a translator to type in there. All in all, our Furry Discord Server is pretty nice, with lots of people, fun, and of course, people interested in our game servers so we can all play together! We just want everyone to have fun and feel good!

furry discord server