We are a dedicated team running a dedicated Minecraft network that is FOR EVERYONE TO JOIN, completely public, and up 24/7! If there's ever an issue, join our Discord server listed on the home page! The network has multiple "realms" with their own gamemodes! To name a few of the stuff we have: Economy, Cosmetics, Lootboxes, Towny, Factions, PvP, Minigames, Friendslists, and Much more! And, it's owned by a developer, so we can promise it's well upkept!

Please, log in and come see our Lobby where you can use portals to go to whatever realm you want for whatever gamemode you wish to play! When you're ready to go find your own place, in factions you can use the random teleporter, in towny you can check out buildings you can purchase with in-game money! In towny, you can also ask an admin to allow you to be the mayor of your own city! Type /spawn to get back to spawn and /lobby for our lobbies! The more you play on the server the more rewards you'll get!

Shops can be found at spawn for the completely nessesary things, but players are 100% welcome to make their own shops! Other than that, you are free to explore the world and mine/kill your way to riches and loot. :D



About Our Minecraft Staff:

AviaMoth "Avs" - USA
FrozenToday "Eve" - Florida, ugh
ArisuStarfall "Ari" - USA
nafets121 "FurRiffic" - Netherlands
goodrich_tires "Tires" - USA
Thebutterman1001 "Butters" - Ireland

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