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You can also join MothNet by following us on our twitter @mothnetonline or inviting fluffymothgirl on xbox as a friend, or by adding mothgirlgames on oculus, mothgirlmusic on telegram, or joining our discord at

Here at M.O.T.H., we have a lot of gamers, role-players, and other furries who call our chatrooms their home! We offer hosted game servers, and other services by and for furries! If you’re looking for a growing furry community “for furries, by furries”, with games, social media, role-play, and even adult stuff, you’ve come to the right place! As furries, we feel a bit out of place with other non-furry communities and we completely understand that. But there isn’t really a place to go in the fandom for entertainment save for a bunch of different servers and chatrooms owned and operated by different people with no real common ground. We plan to expand and unite furry servers to show the world that furries are a real, normal thing to be! A few companies even have “furry appreciation days” now, most notably a famous airline company. We all have identities and sometimes people like us have to suppress them to fit in. If we can unite together in a furry community, we show others it’s completely normal. Our network and furry community can grow and show others that we’re good people. We’re family. And we fit in.

The M.O.T.H. Network might sound a bit daunting to those who first hear the name, but to those who’ve joined, we are kind of like a family! What is it, you ask? We’re a furry community for gaming and socialization based on the sole idea of having fun and having a safe place to do it! While we understand there are so many “furry communities” out there already, we pride ourselves on knowing we’re one of only a handful of professional-acting furry entertainment communities who has their own servers and hosting platforms. Here, we host game servers, write code, and not for another regular entertainment/gaming company, but for our own furry community! We’re open to anyone who wishes to join, and urge them to try our games! You don’t need to ask us to join, just come and join!

Check out our games, chats, and other services to the left on our menu! We even host weekly events and steam code giveaways on our discord chats. In Telegram, we host various chatrooms for various groups and interests NSFW and SFW alike. Join our furry community in discord with the link

If you want a game hosted, a website put up, a service rendered, contact us!


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